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With exchange you can have your banner spread accross a large targeted network of dating, romance, and singles sites all over the Internet!

Join the network and get 10000 free impressions when you activate your account.

Dating Banner Exchange is a free dating banner exchange program for dating and matchmaking web sites.

Our exchange program is designed to increase free dating traffic to any dating site at no charge. After placing a small code onto your web site, your banners will be displayed accross hunderds of other quality dating sites.
The exchange ratio is 5:4 which means that for every 5 times you display the banner we display your banner 4 times on other dating sites. Other banner exchange programs offer 3:2 and even 2:1 ratio.

Bonus 10000 FREE impressions just for joining the dating banner exchange.

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We provide real time statistics for you to monitor your ads performance. You can view graphs, click-thru ratios to see just how many people are responding to your ad. Powerful administration tools are provided to upload and rotate your banners easily.

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