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With exchange you can have your banner spread accross a large targeted network of dating, romance, and singles sites all over the Internet!

Join the network and get 10000 free impressions when you activate your account.

About Dating Banner Exchange - is a private network of banner exchange. It means, that only sites that meet specified criteria can join this network. Network administration may refuse accepting of any site without explaining the reasons.

Any sites may participate in banner exchange, if they:

  • are invited;
  • are recommended by existing members;
  • have been tested and approved;
  • meet all rules of the network. works with banners in size of 468x60 pixels.

Supported formats are GIF, JPEG and Flash. Also imagemap and keywords can be used with banners. ALT field is supported on sites with SSI-calls of the banner.

The basic criterion of accepting participants to network is high efficiency of banner impressions. banners should be placed only on the most favorable places of your site (top of page), so we could guaranteed, that your banners will be displayed with the same efficiency.

For each member, a certain commission is calculated from the total amount of impressions. The commission size is based on a CTR (Click-Through-Ratio) of the site.

CTR Commission,%
>0.40 20
0.40 - 0.31 40
0.30 - 0.21 50
<0.20 80

For example, if your site displays 100 banners, you earn 80 impressions, if CTR of your site is above 0.40 or only 60 impressions, if CTR=0.35. The bigger CTR, the more you earn!

Members are allowed to accumulate impressions. system is targeted for high efficiency of banner exchange, so strict rules apply for member selection and banner placement. All banners also pass strong administration before approval.

Please direct all questions/comments to: